Roles and responsibilities

To make a success of network marketing, you need to understand the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved and the drivers that coexist with these.

The company is responsible for fulfillment i.e. taking the payments, delivering the product, customer care, etc. They don’t sell but they help you to do so and they have systems in place to support all of their responsibilities.

Your role is to find customers and the more you bring in, the more value you will add to the company and consequently the more money you will make. Equally you will need to put your own systems in place to support your responsibilities.

Everyone who joins as an agent is driven to find some customers, not normally a large number, but there could, for example, be a certain number of initial sales required to take full advantage of the compensation (commission payment) plan.

The route to a large number of customers (i.e. a large residual income) is not to go out and find them, there are simply not enough hours in the day for this, but to find others who also want to take advantage of the compensation plan. To do this they have to (and want to) find a few customers to get going – they are driven to do this just as you were when you started.

So now you begin to see how this whole process is propelled by the incentives in the compensation plan, and it works very well indeed for those who properly understand what they are doing and why.

Your understanding of the three following points is absolutely critical to your future success:

  • The company is not the network marketing business; they manage the fulfillment operation and also offer a compensation plan that drives and supports the creation of networks.
  • You are the network marketing business; the company is just a vehicle for your own networking venture. To be successful all you need to do is exploit the compensation plan to build your own network. What that means in practice is that you need to become a provider of information.
  • You also need to use systems to support your role; systems that can be duplicated easily.

Networkers have been drawing circles since the 1950s but here’s a couple that maybe you’ve not seen before.



Distance yourself from the company and it will all look much clearer. When you join, you may be a member of the company’s agent community but you should always consider yourself as a user – exploiting what the company has to offer.

Customers are the lifeblood of the business, generating revenue for the company and rewards for the agents and your role is to bring as many customers as possible.