Recommended reading

This book costs just a few Pounds/Dollars for the electronic version and represents just about everything you need to grow your Network Marketing business. Buy it and learn from the master.
(PS – I’m not on commission!)

I highly recommend Go Pro – 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre. Don’t take my word for it, this is one of the many 5-star reviews on Amazon:

goproHaving been involved with MLM before I read this book, I can see all the mistakes I made and so wish I had read the book first. MLM can change your life but so can this book. It will make the difference between whether you stay with MLM and make a great success of it and hopefully becoming (very) rich in the process or just becoming a victim of being in love with the idea but not actually achieving it due to a lack of understanding of what to expect. This book tells you exactly that in an easily readable way. Should be offered as a ‘must read’ by all MLM companies! If you’re looking at getting involved with MLM, BUY IT and thank me later!

Eric’s focus may be on offline recruiting but many of his principles hold true for the online world also. Everything is about building relationships and adding value.

Buy this book, read it and use it in conjunction with the system below. The system is designed to get interested and qualified prospects to call you about your opportunity.

Offline recruiting system

This system creates requests for you to call people with information and that changes the whole dynamic of your call. It is not a cold call, you are merely responding to the callers’ request.

There is no need to try to sell anything and if you do try to sell on the phone you will probably fail!

You only need to have a short chat, get an email address and send on some information, most likely a link to an online presentation.

The follow-up is optional but comes highly recommended by all network marketing professionals.


To start you need a dedicated phone line with an answering or voice-mail system, Skype offer lines like this and you can have the messages emailed to you. “Dedicated” is important because you will not be answering when it rings.

Set the line to go straight to voice-mail when someone calls. Your message should be something like:

Hello, thank you for calling about the “Agents Wanted” advertisement.
I’m sorry I’m not able to answer directly but I am very busy with other calls right now.
After the tone please leave your name and number and the best time for me to get back to you.  

Get this line / voice-mail working and tested before you proceed to advertising.

Next you should decide upon what online presentation material you want to use and compose a draft email which points to it.


Advertise online or with postcards in shop windows or with business cards, whatever you feel comfortable with. The object of the advert is to get people to call the number and leave a message. You could use something like this:

Agents Wanted

High demand products/services
Excellent commissions
Part-time, self employed basis
Hours to suit you

Call 01234 567 890 today

Notice that the advertisement is not too specific about your opportunity and it includes a “call to action”.

Call back

With luck your advertising will start to generate some incoming calls and messages.

The object of your call back is to:

get to know a bit about the caller

begin building a relationship

decide for yourself if the person is going to be a good fit with you and the business

get an email address

and, most importantly, to set up the next communication

Eric Worre’s book goes into great detail about this part of the process – read it and understand it.


This is the easiest part of the process; you simply send an email that points to your business presentation.

Hi ???

It was good to talk to you earlier and thank you for your interest in ???.

You will find comprehensive further information here:

Please send me a quick reply to confirm your receipt of this and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Kind regards

Your name
01987 654 321 (your direct telephone number)

Follow up

Your follow-up is another big subject covered in great detail in Eric’s book. But in a nutshell:

find out what they liked about the presentation

find out their readiness to sign up

find out what else they need

set up the next communication

Continue following up until they say yes or no.