If you couple attraction marketing with a funded proposal they will combine to form the basis of a very powerful “sponsoring engine”. All you need to add is fuel!

Attraction marketing

A search for “attraction marketing” will deliver hundreds of results with lots of opinions and advice. But the team that I respect the most is the one that literally wrote the book on the subject and paved the way for a new approach to network marketing. Magnetic Sponsoring was first published by Mike Dillard around ten years ago. Sadly this is no longer available to use as part of a funded proposal but The Attraction Marketing Formula is the very latest incarnation from the same stable.

The Attraction Marketing Formula is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or read before when it comes to building a network marketing or MLM business.

No more cold calls or late night hotel meetings.

No more passing out flyers or talking to strangers trying to get them “interested” in my business.

And no more hassling your friends and family about joining your opportunity.

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