Hi, my name is Phil Payton and I have been involved with network marketing for many years. I’d like to share my experience with you and, in particular, to detail some excellent tools and training that are available to help you build your own business.

Why Network Marketing?

I was fortunate enough to be able to retire early. A couple of weeks after the big day I received a phone call from a telesales lady offering me payment protection insurance.

What would you do if you suddenly lost your job, how would you manage to pay the bills?

I mentioned that I was retired but she didn’t get it, so I politely told her that my income was secure – just as long as I retained a pulse!

It’s a warm feeling indeed to have such security. But that phone call prompted a light-bulb moment; a pension is probably the best (type of) income that most people will ever get. Of course private and state schemes are under huge pressures these-days and may not represent a very large income for the recipient. So anything that can be done to create a pension-like income is highly worthwhile – and the sooner the better. Network Marketing provides a vehicle for the creation of a residual income, which is just like getting a pension early. These incomes represent true wealth and bring real freedom.

Invest in yourself

Years ago you learned how to walk, talk, read and write, maybe later you also learned how to drive, so you already know the value of investing in yourself. Online marketing skills are far easier to master.

Just let me repeat that quote from the front page: “Your ability to generate an income is your best asset and, once you have mastered this, if you lose EVERYTHING tomorrow you can still go out and make money.”

If you are prepared to take responsibility for your own development, invest some time in yourself and a little money in some tools then you will find a wealth of valuable information here to enable you to make money online.

My focus will be on Tools, Training, Branding and Connecting.